in the midst

Hey there pretty lady!!


My name is Claire and this is my home away from home! Consider yourself officially welcomed :) If we really were at my house, you’d be wrapped up in a blanket and have a cup of coffee in hand so grab those now as we dive into some deep chats together.

Right here is just a little about me. I’d love for you to tell me a little about you too so we can get to know each other :) So come over here and say hi!

I grew up in Dayton, Texas, but I've lived in Nashville for about eight years now. I love it here! There's the coffee shops and the hiking trails, but even more than that, some of my most favorite people are here.

I love coffee, Sour Patch Kids, funnel cakes, and going to the movies and loading my popcorn down with butter and white cheddar seasoning, but I also love cooking and plating food when I'm feeling a little fancy :) My goofy goldendoodle, Teddy, brings me so much joy. He loves to tear the squeakers out of toys and frolic around the yard. My boyfriend, Tyler, is pretty much the best. I mean he brings me cookie cake, we both love Jack Bauer, and we recently got kayaks, so nuff said right? :)

I am a writer at heart. When I was growing up I always loved reading and writing stories. Now, I’m back at it! I’m writing and telling my story and walking alongside you, sweet girl, as we learn what it looks like to live every day as women with a longing to serve the Kingdom. I love so much having deep, honest conversations with people. I'm looking forward to having some deep chats with you.

I am so happy you’re here. Let’s do this!